Our Website Maintenance Packages not only include free hosting,
but also ensure that your website is safe, secure, and always updated.

Website Maintenance

Did you know that 61% of all websites get hacked due to lack of maintenance? Did you also know that the average cost to revert these damages can be several thousand dollars, not including loss of business? Our maintenance plans are designed to keep your website safe and secure for the long term, and also provide our exclusive Web Hosting as well as updates to your site as needed.

Web Maintenance Plans To Meet Every Need


  • Weekly Backup
  • Weekly Updates
  • Security Scan
  • 15 Minute Monitoring
  • Free Web Hosting
  • 1 Hour of Site Changes
  • Exclusive to AJG Clients
  • Three Months Free if Paid Annually



  • Daily Backup
  • Daily Updates
  • Security Scan
  • 1 Minute Monitoring
  • Free Web Hosting
  • Any Amount of Site Changes
  • Exclusive to AJG Clients
  • Three Months Free if Paid Annually



Because your website should always be available to your customers.

All Maintenance Plans Include

Regular Backups

If disaster strikes, you won't be hung out to dry. We will restore your site from a scheduled backup.

Website Changes

Never worry about having to maintain your website, our team will take care of any changes you need.

Regular Updates

Keep your site safe and secure with the latest security updates and features updated automatically.

Free Web Hosting

Take advantage of our exclusive Web Hosting, with 99.9% Uptime Guarantee powered by Amazon.

Website Monitoring

Uptime monitoring verifies that all systems are go, and will notify our team of unexpected downtime.

Exclusive to AJG Clients

Not available to the public, which means there's no need to worry about resource hogs or overselling.

What clients say

  • "Arthur has been my go to web developer for years through many businesses. His knowledge and complete attention to detail makes him stand apart from just another guy who can code."

    Kyle G
    KG Collective
  • "I can say this, AJG owner is a grand man. Not only knows his craft, but EXCELS at it. Want something done right the first time and forever? Get him to do it."

    Roderick F
    Train With Rod
  • "Arthur has come through for me time and time again on a variety of projects. From building custom web applications and API interfaces to late night “we need this updated now “emergencies."

    Michael K
    No Cover Nightclubs
  • "Arthur has always been very helpful, knowledgeable, reliable & honest, I would recommend him to anyone looking for a professional web developer or web services."

    Nils L