WordPress is no longer just for blogs; it’s a content management system.
A WordPress site can get you online quickly and affordably.

Why Use WordPress?

A CMS, or content management system, is a tool that allows you to manage the content of your website independently. Because of its ease of use and flexibility, WordPress is now the CMS of choice for over 75 million websites (that’s almost 26% of the internet), including Forbes, The New York Times, and National Geographic. Its versatility allows it to be used for blogs, small-business websites, and even e-commerce. If you’re after a fast turn-around and an affordable website with low maintenance costs, a WordPress website may be exactly what you need.

The Process


Identify the goals and requirements of your new website.



We handcraft a theme that aligns with your existing brand and engages with your audience.



You take the initial test-drive of the website and note any concerns that need to be addressed.



The website is completed, published, and we provide a crash course on how to make content changes yourself.


WordPress Customization

Because of its excellent infrastructure, WordPress also makes a robust framework, and many of our WordPress clients have also added web applications that tie into WordPress with a custom plugin. By using these services together, turnaround times and costs are much lower than using just the web application service to build your website. For those clients that utilize both services, We ensure that all our plugins follow WordPress Coding Standards for performance and security.

WordPress Features


With over 10,000 premium themes available, it's easy to find one that fits your style. Change your theme as many times as you like with the click of a button, and no need to rebuild the entire website.

Regular Updates

Both WordPress and its plugins receive regular updates to add new features and address
security issues; most updates are completed in seconds and require no downtime.


The power of WordPress lies in its plugin system. From the most popular like Yoast, W3, and WooCommerce, to custom plugins from AJG Interactive, the abilities of WordPress are nearly limitless.

Responsive Design

Eliminate the need for a separate mobile website or app. Responsive WordPress designs
ensure that the same website works on all devices.

Update Content

Every WordPress website comes with an easy-to- use administration area, which allows clients to add and update information, photos, or other custom content themselves at any time from anywhere.

Powers The World

With over 75 million websites (about 26% of the internet) using WordPress, it's the most popular platform of choice, and the number-one platform of all content management systems.

Lets Get Started On Your Website

It’s time to bring your website to life and put it to work for your business.