ServerPilot Free SSL Generator

Get Started with SSL

If you’re already a ServerPilot Coach or Business user, SSL is included for your apps, however if you’re a free plan user, SSL certificates must be manually installed. While still possible, a manual installation requires an in depth understanding of how SSL certificates work and how to create the appropriate files and configurations. If you are unsure what to do it’s very easy to take disable SSL on one domain when enabling it for another, or worse take down the NGinx service all together! Before you order your SSL cert, you’ll need to generate a CSR, follow the directions below to get started.

  • Open your favorite SSH terminal
  • CD into your Nginx folder (/etc/nginx-sp)
  • Create and enter a directory named /certs
  • Create and enter a directory for your domain (your final path should be /etc/nginx-sp/certs/
  • Run the following two commands:
  • (umask 077 && touch ssl.key)
  • openssl req -new -newkey RSA:2048 -nodes -keyout ssl.key -out ssl.csr

Now you’re reader to order your SSL certificate. You can order from anywhere you like, but the configurator below assumes you ordered from Network Solutions. When ordering be sure to specify your server type as Apache/ModSSL.

The Solution

Once you have received your SSL certificates, you’re ready to begin the installation. There are three files required for a proper SSL installation, two crt files and one conf file. First open the configuratior at the link below, then follow these steps.

  • Input your domain name, app name, and basic paths
  • Copy and paste the contents of the four CRT files provided by your SSL provider into the apropreate boxes
  • For each of the three boxes that appear, create a file at the path specified, and paste the contents of said box into that file
  • Run the command service nginx-sp restart

The Nginx service should come up with no errors, if there is an error reported take a look at your logs, your paths, and make sure you have the correct key file for your cert. Take a look for yourself and give it a test drive. Click Here to open the SSL configurator.